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The avast secure browser is a privacy-oriented web browser with extra security and privacy features. Its built-in anti-phishing and anti tracking features make browsing online safer. Its Bank Mode also protects you when you are doing online banking or shopping. It can even hide your typing to protect your information from keylogging malware and listening in. The browser also works with Avast Free Antivirus, which ensures it is safe for you to use.

When you first open up Avast Secure Browser, you might notice that it has a look like Chrome. The browser is built on Chromium. The home page has a search bar as well as the ability to include shortcuts to websites. The browser also includes an adblock feature that uses the uBlock extension to effectively block ads that are not needed on websites. You can select from three different ad blocker settings including Balanced, Essential and Strict. Strict provides the most security but it could cause some websites to not load properly. You can also add websites to the exclusion list if you do not wish to display ads on them or if the adblocker plugin is causing issues in rendering the site.

Avast Secure Browser Pro also comes with a selection of additional extensions you can install. This is a great option to modify the functionality of the browser. The browser lets you connect bookmarks and your history across platforms including mobile devices.