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McAfee has a good reputation in the field of digital security, with software that hits all the important buttons. Its basic Antivirus package, Internet Security, and Total Protection packages are extremely efficient in detecting viruses and malware on your PC as well as mobile devices. Its iOS and Android apps are similarly highly rated by users. You can also add additional security by using Windows Hello or a finger print sensor, setting up alternative devices for authentication at the entry point to your home network and encrypting data and files stored on your device.

All of the features we tested were working well. The scans that were quick were short, requiring only eight minutes in our tests to look for intrusions in areas that viruses tend to infest, such as system files and registries. The full scans we ran took a bit longer, but were significantly shorter than the average for the field.

The antivirus itself is easy to navigate and uses a clean interface with all functions carefully grouped into helpful site their own tabs for convenience. The Tracker Remover feature is especially helpful, deleting cookies and temporary files that can eat up space and potentially provide hackers with sensitive information. Unfortunately, accessing some of the most important features, such as parental controls and identity theft protections, requires you to log into a separate online dashboard.

Twitter and Facebook are the only means to contact customer support. Email or phone calls are not an option. You can also discover solutions to common issues by consulting the extensive troubleshooting manual and an extensive FAQ library. McAfee’s Techmaster Concierge is the best method to receive personal tech assistance.

McAfee has one of the most complete internet security suites that are available. It is a top-quality malware scanner as well as many features such as password manager, VPN, and file shredder, all at an extremely reasonable price. It covers a vast amount of devices with only one subscription.

McAfee’s performance has been exemplary however it can sometimes slow down the performance of a PC. In tests conducted by AV Comparatives the scan of 366,872 of the test computer’s files took about an hour and required 3.20 percent of the processor’s memory. This was in the middle. A quick scan took less than eight minutes to scan the areas where viruses are the most likely to be found like system files and registry entries.

The tech support offered by the company is top-quality. It offers a community forum and 24/7 phone and chat support, as in addition to a huge knowledge base. They also provide virtual assistance tool and a tool to assess your device’s vulnerability. To reach a customer service agent, you must fill out a lengthy form that includes your name first name, last name, telephone number and email address. You also have to confirm both of these.

One annoying thing about McAfee is that it separates its various features into different apps. For instance the Windows version of McAfee Total Protection comes with an in-app help feature; however, the Mac application redirects users to the website and isn’t able to seek answers. This makes navigating parental controls and protections against identity theft more complicated than total package competitors.

Mcafee Antivirus comes with a security package that includes a VPN as well as a password manager and file shredder. The antivirus software performs well in independent tests, however it isn’t among the top performers in some categories, like blocking all threats and preventing all false positives. It’s a good value option because it has numerous other features.

Its Safe Browsing feature, for example it uses a color-coded system to indicate the safety of a link or risky. If a link isn’t identified as dangerous and warned you to avoid clicking on it. Another helpful feature is McAfee’s Shredder. It securely destroys files based on the degree of security you select. The default settings are to delete all temporary and trash Internet files However, you can change the folders that you wish to be shredded.

McAfee monitors your online activity to look for patterns. It will alert you if it observes patterns that indicate you’re about to be targeted by ransomware and make protected copies. The company monitors your computer to make sure that suspicious processes are not running in the background and collecting data and potentially compromising your.

McAfee Total Protection offers an in-app help section that can help you with any problems. If you would like to speak to a customer service agent you will be directed to their website. You’ll need fill out a form that includes your name, phone email, and a description of the issue.