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VDR for cybersecurity is a cloud-based sharing and safe-keeping solution that safeguards records from unauthorized access. The software is essential for companies that handle sensitive information such as personnel or financial data perceptive property or patents. It’s also necessary for companies that need to comply with personal privacy regulations. VDR for cybersecurity also permits companies to avoid legal issues, such as fines, which could arise from an info breach. The software comes with features such as two-factor authentication. This is more secure than traditional passwords.

The IMO/IEC standards currently in place that require VDRs for ships do not deal with specific vulnerabilities. For example an article from the past showed that an off the shelf non-emulated VDR from a major manufacturer could be easily tampered with by plugging in a USB device and manipulating the interface. The requirements set forth in the IMO standards like requiring access to keys or tools and using stickers/seals to show the tampering are not sufficient to provide any security against this type of attack.

In addition to having an efficient user authentication system, VDR for cybersecurity should include encryption and financing strategies for companies with different shares deterrence capabilities. A quality one will provide a flexible permissions model that gives complete control over which information each user has access to and what they can do with it. It will also feature an automated malware detection and protection feature as well as remote monitoring and patches to ensure that your department’s IT department is equipped to identify and fix any issues quickly.